About Us

Mission Statement

The Tyler County Art League’s mission is to promote public interest in the arts, support and encourage artists and make the arts available and viable
for the entire community.

For decades, visual and performing artisans have gravitated to the Piney Woods of East Texas, seeking the beauty and tranquil surroundings to nurture their varying skills. Artisans that presently call this county home recognize that with the formation of Tyler County Art League, they become a unified voice, creating the instrument for engaging the public and enriching daily life through exposure to the arts.

Tyler County Art League seeks to serve as an advocate for the creative arts by providing an environment for interaction and growth within our rural arts community. The creation of this community network would seek to promote and facilitate interaction and exchange of ideas, information and techniques among artists from all of the arts disciplines: Music, Dance, Theater, Visual Arts and Literary Arts.

It is a vision of the Tyler County Art League to develop an education and outreach program encouraging artisans to mentor their creative skills to the youth of our area. Without art study, large and important legacies of the arts and culture go unseen, unheard, unstudied and unlearned by the generations that follow. This endeavor would encourage and support the practices of the arts, thus enriching lives and elevating the appreciation for the arts.

Another vision of the Tyler County Art League is to seek professional exhibition space in the county for local visual artists, to acquire suitable, affordable meeting space for workshops, demonstrations and creative exchange, and to assist community organizations in creating opportunities for the arts in the area.

This mission statement does not limit the Tyler County Art League from pursuing any and all legal venues to further the aims and goals of this venture.

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